I’ve always been clear — I Oppose a State Income Tax

I proudly represent the many communities of the 28th Legislative District–one that prioritizes government accountability and is very concerned about an ever-creeping tax burden. As I go around the district, I place a premium on listening to you, the voters–it’s my job to serve as your independent voice.

That’s why I oppose an income tax–it’s not in our district’s DNA.

And I will continue fighting to ensure government is accountable to you–the people it represents. I stood up for fiscal accountability and voted for a balanced operating budget that did not raise taxes on working families, small business, and the middle class.

With election season heating up, Republicans are now resorting to the tactics of misinformation and fear by launching an attack ad claiming I support an income tax.

They rely on a right-wing blog article for this apparent contention–one that makes no mention of me or my name. They want you to think I am some sort of lock-step Democrat–they couldn’t be more wrong and more falsehoods are likely on the way.

To definitively set the record straight I am going to say this again: I cannot, will not and do not support a state income tax.

My ongoing pledge to you is this: every day I will work as hard as I can to serve as your independent voice, listen closely to your concerns, and fight for fairness and accountability.

My door is always open. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me with any questions or comments. I can easily be reached at 253/448.9641 or christine@christinekilduff.com.

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